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Employers For Childcare - Vouchers

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Family Benefits Advice Service

Our Advisors work with parents to raise their awareness of the potential financial support available to them.

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Latest Research

As well as advising parents on Childcare Vouchers, we carry out ground-breaking research and lobby Government on behalf of working parents.

Employers for Childcare Vouchers exmplainer video

Childcare vouchers are available to working parents and can be used on all typesof registered childcare, from nurseries or childminders to afterschool clubs.

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work life balance

Kirsty Blackwell MP needs a Family Friendly Employer too!

An MP has been censured by Commons authorities for bringing her children to work. Like many other working parents at this time of year, Kirsty Blackman experienced childcare difficulties while her children were off school for the summer. Speaking today, Blackman comments "We must push for change to ensure that parliament is more family friendly and that parents of young children find it easier to stand for parliament and easier to undertake their roles".

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